New Year NEWS!

Wishing all our supporters 

A Wonderful New Year!

We have exciting news this year as we take more steps to create awareness to reduce the use of one time use plastic bottles.


We are proud to announce the launch of our new android app for Locating a Water Refill Point. The iOS version also shall be soon available for download.

Water Refill Points

The App provides easy access to user to find a closest water refill station or add a water refill point. You can also shop for reusable Stainless Steel and Copper water bottles from the app.

It took me some time to complete this write up and yesterday I had a complete vision. My dream about this app: In coming 3 years, I wish that everyone looks up this app for a closest refill point. And by 2025, I want this app to become absolute. Absolute in the sense that there shall be no more need to look in the app as most of the establishment will be providing water refills and it will become common practice to do so. Thinking of it brings smile to my face and sure that PLANET EARTH will also smile that day.

Please download and spread the word.

Thank You!

Shanto R. Doultani

Carry Your Bottle



January 08, 2018 — RAM DOULTANI