Meet Alka D'souza, A Tornado Woman

Meet Alka D'souza, A Tornado Woman. We met Alka last month, she runs Foxes Fiesta Restaurant in Calungute. When we explained her about the Carry Your Bottle project and to a create Water Refill point, she immediately took action and made many changes in her establishment. Foxes Fiesta now serves Filter Water in Glass bottles to guest and suggest them to avoid buying bottled water. They have steel & copper bottles for sale. Each table has a card, suggesting guests to avoid buying bottles water.
Alka was already serving drinks with stainless steel straws, saying no to plastic straws.
She further mentions that her procurement of bottled water has become half in past month. Instead of ordering 40 cases a week, she is ordering only 20 cases. That is 240 plastic bottles a week and approx 1000 bottles less to go into the Ocean.
She also shares that people are open to the idea, and she does not feel that selling fewer bottles is loss to the business. In fact this creates goodwill for the restaurant, and she has seen that customers keep returning.
People like her keep our spirits high and gives us Energy to keep our dream of Plastic Free Goa and Drinking water available at all locations. Join the movement by creating a Water Refill Point: