Carry Your Bottle has partnered with different organisations to cut down on plastic pollution. We have also adopted restaurants, recreational centres and resorts across India to promote our message and act as agents of change. What’s more, not only does it enable you to drink guilt-free water from a sustainable source, Carry Your Bottle is also fantastic for gifting, last-minute gifting and return gifting. And tell you what, if you don’t like gifting, you can always get custom bottles made for you and your organisation.

At Carry Your Bottle with our quality co-branding, you can showcase your brand, business or establishment as a leader against single use plastic waste.  Your company logo on our copper or stainless steel bottles makes a strong statement and helps promote the important environmental message of plastic waste reduction at a wider corporate level.  

We provide samples for clients according to customer requirements: the appearance, specific quantities, providing the service within an appropriate timeframe and efficient delivery - all taken care of by us.

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