Dear friend,
This is an invitation to you to become a part of “Carry Your Bottle” project. Carry your bottle is a project to educate people about the need to carry their own water bottles, instead of buying bottled water.
We need regular intake of water to keep our body healthy and most of us spend 1 to 8 hrs or more outside every day. Our body surely feels thirsty during that time and since bottled water is available everywhere, we immediately jump to buy one. And the empty bottle which we throw after drinking, either ends up in landfill or ocean, creating plastic garbage.
To reduce plastic waste from choking our environment we have to stop creating it, in the first place.
We at ‘Carry your bottle’ are promoting an environment friendly and healthy alternative by making available metal bottles . They are “Made in India” with high quality steel and copper, and unlike many cheap reusable plastic bottles, are safe and resistant to any climate and conditions. The product is designed in a way that it creates awareness in people and spreads the message to reduce plastic waste.
We have started a program to promote the message of Carry Your Bottle™ by appointing reseller. Becoming a reseller is a smart way to make money and also to support the environment.
If you are a own a supermarket, shop, restaurant, canteen, yoga school, gym, health store, fitness store, club or any other establishment you can contact us to become a reseller.
We invite freelance sales people, students, housewives, people looking for additional income to become our resellers.


The only requirement for a reseller is to be deeply connected with the ethos of the project which is aimed at protecting the environment from plastic garbage and ensuring that people are drinking safe and healthy water. Write to us if you are interested in associating with the project as a reseller. We will give you more details. You can operate independently, sell at your own pace and at the same time you are doing your bit for environment and health.
Go to our website and click on the reseller section and send us your details in the required format.
We look forward to welcoming you to ‘Carry your bottle’ reseller team. If you also like a world without plastic garbage, support this project. Come along – Let’s make the change happen!

Warm Regards,

Carry Your Bottle Team