EcoWorld Goa

Conscious business is growing: let’s get connected and organised! 

We want to create a healthier living for the Planet and its inhabitants. Therefore we believe we have to organize our eco-friendly market to make it grow even more and spread its benefits.

EcoWorld Goa ( A program by Carry Your Bottle ) is aiming to connect eco-friendly products and needs, spreading knowledge about sustainable products and services available for any person or company operating in Goa.

We aim to create a directory of sustainable eco-friendly products coming from everywhere- available in GOA.

Becoming a central platform will help to reduce packaging waste and costs of transportations.

This List is mainly directed to:

  • People in GOA, who need access to eco-friendly products and services
    If you are in this situation, you will no longer need to spend time and resources to find and select the correct eco-friendly product or service to satisfy your needs.
  • People and companies who produce or sell eco-friendly products and services
    If you are producing any kind of sustainable item or if you offer some eco-friendly service. Simply inform us of your products and services and we will list you here, connecting you with Goan companies and activities that need what you are offering.

This page will put in connection all kinds of conscious businesses, of any scale, so that we can all grow and contribute to reduce environmental damage, waste and pollution.

We invite you to come on this platform and let together work towards a sustainable living. 

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