Introduction to Carry Your Bottle

Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce you to my recently launched project "Carry Your Bottle'' which is aimed at reducing plastic waste from polluting environment and promoting healthy and safe drinking water. Carry Your Bottle is a project to educate people about the need to carry their own water bottles, instead of buying bottled water. The campaign empowers each one of us to make a difference in a significant way, both in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing environment pollution. This is an also invitation to you to become a part of “Carry Your Bottle” project launched by me and my friends.

We need regular intake of water to keep our body healthy and most of us spend 1 to 8 hrs or more outside every day. Our body surely feels thirsty during that time and since bottled water is available everywhere, we immediately jump to buy one. And the empty bottle which we throw after drinking, either ends up in landfill or ocean, creating plastic garbage.

Instead of making this just an awareness campaign we decided to do something more proactive. As a step further we selected a few reusable metal bottles for you. They are “Made in India” with high quality steel and copper, and unlike many cheap reusable plastic bottles, are safe and resistant to any climate and conditions. Please check our site and see buy bottles section to order your bottle.

Through this platform we invite more and more people to inculcate the daily habit of carrying their own water bottle.

You can support it in all or any of the following three ways:

  • Carry one of our steel or copper bottles or any other reusable bottle with you. Avoid buying plastic bottled water.
  • As a private establishment you can to start safe water refill station for public either free of charge or with a small fee. Water Refill Points
  • You can enrol with us as a reseller and sell our bottles and earn some money too. 

So, if you also like a world without plastic garbage, support this project.
Come along – Let’s make the change happen!

Warm regards
Shanto R. Doultani

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October 20, 2016 — RAM DOULTANI