We are creating an online database of establishments and people who are willing to set up refill stations where people can refill their water bottles. It is not mandatory for refill stations to sell our bottles at their location. A refill station is however the most appropriate point where we can spread the message of the benefits of carry your bottle project.

The Refill Point can either provide filter water for Free or on chargeable basis or have a contribution box to cover the cost of the refill point.

Please fill the information below to add a water refill point location.

#carryyourbottle Water Refill Point#carryyourbottle Water Refill Point      

What Carry Your Bottle™   is doing?

  • Spreading Awareness to use reusable bottles and avoid plastic waste.
  • Connecting hotels/lodges/restaurants/cafe/shacks/institutions and organisations to support the cause by either spreading the message, taking practical steps to avoid plastic waste at their establishment, selling bottles, providing safe water either free or at a small fee.
  • Selling preselected steel and copper bottles (Made in India) with a awareness message to bring into action Carry Your Water Bottle campaign.

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