Salient Attributes

Ease of Access: Installed at the same place where users buy bottled water. Discovery thru map interface on the app

Assurance of Safety and Quality: display unit showing the water quality (TDS, pH, temperature) as well as the last serviced date. Wrong parameters dispensing stops with error msg. Cooling to ambient temperature

Low Cost: 1L of water at one-third the cost (Rs 7/L instead of Rs 20 for a bottle). Choice of lesser volume for lesser price

User Friendly: Payment using UPI (mass adoption in place), recyclable paper cups if not carrying a bottle, choice of volume

Spreading Awareness: real estate to display eco-friendly messaging and products, app for eco markers and behavioral nudges, merchants become voice of the movement

The Machines uses Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for payments and Internet of Things (IOT) for regulation to arrive at a smart solution for the availability of safe drinking water at public places. At the same time it reduces our dependence on single use plastic bottles thereby mitigating environmental degradation. The UPI technology has wide adoption particularly for everyday commerce payments and hence make for a great use case. 

This Water Refill Point is a pay per use device where the customer scans a QR code displayed on the machine to make a payment using a UPI app of their choice. The machine itself is connected to the internet, has smart sensors to evaluate the quality of drinking water, a display screen to show values or actions and an internal array of electronic components which connects it to a central control platform. This enables the remote regulation and maintenance of each machine.

mobiel app

iPani units can be easily located and operated via our mobile app, which makes the refilling process tough free.

Value Creation for Businesses:

  • Additional source of Income to small businesses; similar to coffee/vending machine.
  • Break-even on investment in 12-18 months.
  • 2 year maintenance free.
  • Taking climate change and plastic issue to small vendors and making them part of the change.
  • Other avenues: hotel lobbies, offices, showrooms, petrol pumps, public establishments.
  • #MakeInIndia

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PLEASE NOTE: We are in Development phase of the unit with expected Pilot Launch by First Quarter of 2024

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