Carry Your Bottle Logo

We start to create our website and the mobile app.

This will be a platform where the carry your bottle project will take its next level.

There will be reusable metal bottles available for purchase with the message to spread awareness and benefits of carrying your own water bottle and to avoid buying bottled water.

It will also have dedicated pages for people who wish to contribute to this project by giving their inputs, selling bottles or spreading the message personally or on social media.

A database will be created of Water Refill points, so we know where we can refill our bottles. It will be also a place where people are invited to come forward, if they want to give free water refills or at a small fee or have a contribution box.

We also wish to create a network of re-sellers, that is the best way we see the message can be passed on. It will be like passing awareness through word of mouth.

And once a person see's one ray of light, he or she will become more aware of other aspects how to care of our planet earth. After all we are part of it.

I am very excited the bring this project live and wishing from my heart that we all together bring this change to our life. 

Namaste !


Shanto R. Doultani

September 11, 2016 — RAM DOULTANI