Carry Your Bottle Project is Celebrating 2 years of its Success!

“Carry Your Bottle” will turn 2, this World Environment Day 5th June 2018. A project which started as a campaign and is now a social business giving solution to the issue of one time use plastic water bottles. 

We are still sending you the same message: reduce plastic waste by carrying your own bottle.  

In the past 2 years numerous friends, organisations, yoga schools, restaurants, and resorts joined us to create this change. The support was either through passing the message, sharing our posts, using our bottle products, buying bottles in bulk for their organisation or students, creating water refill points, supporting us financially and much more. Everything counted for us. We are also expanding our work and setting up a new office space in Assagao, Goa opposite to Villa Blanche restaurant.

We are thankful to all from our hearts. 


During the coming days, we will be sharing again our posts from the beginning of our campaign, reminding us again of the message and being inspired to carry on the work.

We can proudly say that by selling more than 6000 Bottles in the past 2 years, with a minimum average use of at least 30 times and maybe even 200 times, the message of Carry Your Bottle has contributed to reduce anything between 200,000 to 300,000 one time use plastic bottles form the planet and counting.  

We have also supplied alternative to plastic straws and made paper straws available in Goa via our company. 

Friends who have been with us on this journey, we would be grateful if you can share your experience on our page or just share a pic. Help us to support the environment.

We would also like to offer 20% OFF on all our Single Water Bottles when you order online on our website to celebrate the success and the sense of accomplishment that we feel. 

Use Coupon Code: WED20

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June 01, 2018 — RAM DOULTANI