WAG Beach Bottle


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This bottle is part of the WAG – Collection. A portion of profit from these bottles goes to Welfare for Animals Goa. So, if you also like a world without plastic garbage, carry one of these bottles and contribute to the well-being of animal world in our surroundings.

#WAG Welfare for Animals in Goa is an NGO dedicated to rescuing animals in need. They have adoption schemes where they re-home abandoned animals, beach monitoring and feeding programs to reach starving cats and dogs during the monsoon season. WAG has recently opened a small clinic where as well as neutering/sterilizing, we treat a wide range of animals and their ailments. It also has a Cow Shelter where they produce bio-gas from our rescued cows. WAG has also rescued many animals that have sustained horrific injuries due to plastic, either consumed or stuck on their bodies.


Everybody like to go to the beach and no one like see garbage and plastic litter. This bottle has been specially created to give us a reminder to carry it along to the beach. It comes with an easy-to-carry hook, is high quality, affordable, stainless steel bottle for carrying water.

Benefits of stainless steel bottles:

  • Light weight, clean and healthy alternative
  • Eco-friendly
  • Keep your drinking water cold for longer periods (please note this is not a thermos vacuum bottle)
  • Easy cleaning/dishwasher safe
  • Keep water safe; no toxins released
  • Lime water/juices can be carried in this stainless steel bottles.
  • Can be used as fridge bottles. Do not keep them in freezer.
  • Can be recycled without releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.

    Capacity: 750 ML

    Material: Full Stainless Steel Matt Finish

    Weight: 165gms


    Base Diameter: 75 mm

    Height: 270 mm ( including the hook )

    Made In India



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