Set of Two Copper Bottles

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Set of 2 Nos Copper Bottles.

This uniquely designed joint free, leak proof, copper bottle will ensure numerous health benefits besides drawing plenty of eyeballs when you carry it with you. According to Ayurveda drinking water kept in copper vessels overnight or for a few hours can reap many health benefits. This beautifully designed bottle ensures just that.

Benefits of Copper Bottles:

Copper is an essential micro-nutrient and plays a vital role in the functioning of our body. Drinking water kept in copper bottle has innumerable benefits  – it helps the digestive system perform better, aids in weight loss, helps heal wounds faster, helps maintain cardiovascular health, regulate hypertension, fight cancer, kill bacteria, stimulates your brain, regulates the working of the thyroid gland, beats arthritis and inflamed joints, skin health and melanin production, beats anaemia, anti microbial, anti oxidants, anti inflammatory, slows down ageing and more.

950 ML – Size: Base Diameter: 70 mm Height: 255 mm Weight: 280+ gms

Material: Made out of virgin copper.

Design:  Hammered Joint Free Bottle

Made in India

Note: The taste of the water changes when left in the copper bottle for a longer period. We recommend changing the water regularly.

The color of the bottle changes due to oxidation. Clean the bottle with pitambari powder( is available in most grocery shops). Read our care instruction online for more details.

These are hand made items & come with small irregularities which add to the beauty of these products.

*** Disclaimer: We make no claim on the above benefits. Research and online papers have shown how scientifically drinking water form copper vessels can support your health. It cannot be used as an alternative to medicine. Please consult your physician, if you are suffering with any disease or discomfort. ***




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