10mm Paper Straw – 75 pcs

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ARTTEK Enviro (Unit of ARTTEK Solutions) is the first company in India to produce paper straws not only safe for humans but also to the environment and our fellow beings. We deploy good manufacturing practices to get you this world class earth friendly product by:

● Following the strictest selection of raw materials. The paper used is entirely made of virgin fiber chosen from environmentally sustainable international sources.

● Ensuring the product to be biodegradable, non-toxic and safe to use.

● Using raw materials conforming to relevant international standards of FDA, BfR and EC essential for direct food contact products

● Conceiving the product to be recyclable, biodegradable and energy recoverable due to its high calorific value.

Product Specification :

Name : Nostalgia 10

Item : Paper straw

Colour: White

Length: 210mm

Inner Dia: 10mm

Recommended usage of Nostalgia 10: Best for thick shakes, drinks with ice, juice with fruit pulp or pieces


● Nostalgia Paper straws are suitable for cold and near ambient temperature drinks and not for hot beverages

● It is natural for paper to absorb liquid, as paper is hygroscopic

● For one time use only

● Please refrain from using it as a stirrer

Disposal options:

● Straws could be:

o recycled along with other paper

o sent for composting or

o incinerated

● Packaging box and outer case to be recycled with other paper packaging

Materials used :

Straws – Kraft paper (without any plastic coating)

Packaging Box – Printed cardboard box

Packaging outer case – Brown corrugated case with vinyl tape for sealing



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