Water is Life!

And Life is Colorful….. A Series of Life Positive and Color Design Bottles.

Water and its potential.

Scientist have found that Water has its own memory and it can affect the way it is consumes.

Water is sensitive to the extent that when you look at what is strange way it will take that energy. If you look at it in a positive way, it will have positive energy.

There is substantial scientific evidence that how the molecular structure of water can be changed without changing the chemical structure with a thought or just a touch.

Our human body is over 70% water, when the water given to body is right then the body will behave right. It’s a major element in our body system.

If we treat water with reverence, it will come back to us.

Carry Your Bottle is looking for ways to bring this to our life. We designed bottles that have an affirmation that will give positive effect on the water you are holding in these bottles. And as our life is colourful, so we made our bottle too.

So now carrying a bottle is helping to reduce plastic burden on the environment, drinking sufficient water on time and supporting your well being too.

Are you ready to bring this positive change to your life?

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