WAG Collection

#WAG Welfare for Animals in Goa is an NGO dedicated to rescuing animals in need. They have adoption schemes where we re-home abandoned animals, beach monitoring and feeding programs to reach starving cats and dogs during the monsoon season. WAG has recently opened a small clinic where as well as neutering/sterilizing, we treat a wide range of animals and their ailments. It also has a Cow Shelter where they produce bio-gas from our rescued cows. WAG has also rescued many animals that have sustained horrific injuries due to plastic, either consumed or stuck on their bodies.

#carryyourbottle Carry Your Bottle is a project aimed at making people aware about the need to carry their own water bottles, instead of buying bottled water. This empowers each one of us to make a difference in a significant way, both in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing environment pollution.

To support the work of WAG, we have created special bottles for them. A portion of the profit from these bottles will be given to WELFARE FOR ANIMALS IN GOA (WAG), a registered Trust. So, if you also like a world without plastic garbage, carry one of these bottles and contribute to the well-being of animal world in our surroundings.

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